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Transform your style and become confident with your look!

Why GentleHair?

There are a lot of gurus, stylists and hairdressers who can help you look good. But is it worthy? Do you really have enough money and time to pay them constantly? They won’t give you knowledge that you could use over and over again. Imagine that you could improve your sense of style and become your own stylist! You won’t have to worry about the possibility of other people f*cking up your image and you will become confident with your look. GentleHair is here to help you to take your masculinity to the next level. You will know what looks good for you and you will improve as a man.

Make the first step – take action

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What is GentleHair?

GentleHair is community of people who are interested in men’s styling. This project is actually about developing your style by yourself. It includes hairstyling, cutting your own hair, fashion trends, product reviews and style in general.

We are very active on all social media channels and we have a lot of video content. Our Youtube channel has 16 031 subscribers and 1 679 362 of total views.

Join the community and start your journey to becoming a true gentleman who knows how to deal with his hair and style by himself!

About GentleHair shop

GentleHair shop started as first men's hairstyling e-shop in Lithuania. We wanted to bring the best quality products to lithuanian market which was lacking for variety.

For almost one year shop was only focused on Lithuania and didin't offer wordwide shipping. Since GentleHair started expanding as a community and developed audiences all over the world, demand for products in other countries started growing. From time to time orders were made on our lithaunian shop from people in other countries. After getting a lot of requests for products, we decided to expand our business to global level.

GentleHair product range contains only best quality hairstyling equipment, which we precisely test ourselves. Our honest and critical product reviews can be found in blog section. We won't offer you anything we wouldn't use ourselves and we will consult you to help you decide what works best for you.

About Paul

So as you already know that, my name is Paul. I am 22 years old guy who founded GentleHair.

For a big majority of my life I was a simple kid who didn't know anything about style and appearance. I had the same haircut for my whole life. It was very simple — short sides and a little longer on top and went to my hairdresser every 6 weeks. I was just an ordinary guy who didn't have enough self-confidence and I've never tried anything different.

When I was eighteen, I tried to cut my own hair for the very first time. The result wasn't as good as I expected but it wasn't bad either. So I kept practising, improved a lot and never stepped my foot in barbershop again. In these years I reasearched about fashion and style, created hundreds of different hairstyles on myself and even started cutting other people's hair and got very successful in that. I gained a lot more confidence and learned how important your image and appearance in the 21st century is. For the past few years I am developing community and brand of GentleHair to help and inspire people all over the world to change their lifes by changing their hair, outfit, habits and giving them knowledge how they can do it themselves. While maintaining this project, I feel like I have improved a lot as a person and started seeing things differently. Every man is a gentleman somewhere deep inside - that is what I believe in. Solid look supports your everyday life activities for the best result you want to achieve.

Besides of that, personal growth helped me to found entrepreneurial spirit in myself. I founded other businesses after GH and now I dedicate most of my time trying to expand my businesses and deliver even more value to our customers and clients. I became online business and marketing consultant and lifestyle coach. I also write a blog about personal growth and life mastery — PaulAlionis.com and you can also find me on major social media networks and youtube.

Never try to hide your real personality. The charisma you have may feed you in the future.

Paulius Alionis, Founder of GentleHair